Your Local Alaska Partner

Our Anchorage based team offers a one-stop insurance solution for the state's leading businesses, just as we have for over 35 years. We are firmly rooted in the Alaska community, and we know what it takes to meet the unique needs of our customers with a level of service and understanding that only Alaskans
can achieve.

Service Excellence

Individualized Loss Control Programs

Customized solutions needed to create a safer workplace targeted towards fewer losses, smaller claims, and better outcomes.

24/7 Injury Helpline

Immediate telephone access to triage nurses who determine the best level of care, such as first aid or referral to designated clinics when necessary.

Care Passes

Issued immediately following Helpline calls that result in clinic visits, Care Passes expedite care and ensure injured workers are able to fill their first prescription.

Compassionate Care

Industry-low caseloads allow for close communication and coordination with the injured worker and their employer throughout the recovery process to ensure each worker is properly treated, physically recovered, and safely returned to work as soon as possible.

Mobile App

Direct access for injured workers including prescription cards, indemnity payment information, and adjuster contact information to ensure they have pertinent information with them at all times.

Return to Work Programs

Return to Work programs provide the option of using work as therapy. When transitional duties become an extension of the medical treatment process, they can accelerate recovery, decrease medical expenses, and may result in a reduction of the severity of claims.

DriverCheck Program

Vehicle monitoring and online training system to keep fleet drivers focused on safety.

Select Business Group

Specially designed for small business, the Select Business Group offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of Alaska's small business community.

Coverages We Offer