CorVel Ransomware Attack Update

On July 29th, CorVel Corporation suffered a ransomware attack, which prompted them to take their computer systems down for one week. CorVel has advised us that their systems have been fully restored, all related issues are resolved, no data exfiltration occurred, and that normal operations have resumed. 

Ransomware attacks occur when malicious software effectively holds a computer system hostage, typically by encrypting all of the system’s data, until a ransom is paid.  Encryption changes data into another form, or code, so that only people with access to a secret key or password can read it.
CorVel Corporation has been a valued Alaska National partner since 2008. CorVel provides medical care management services for Alaska National workers’ compensation business. They also perform adjusting work on Alaska National workers’ compensation claims in a few states outside of Alaska National's core operations in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and California. 
CorVel retained computer forensic experts to assist with their response to the attack, and CorVel has advised us that their experts have not uncovered any evidence of Alaska National policyholder or injured worker data being compromised or affected in any way other than having been encrypted by the ransomware attack. 
If you need to contact Alaska National about a CorVel administered claim, please email us at

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