Rapid Return to Work

Create the Best Outcomes

Return to Work programs offer transitional job duties to injured workers. This helps them achieve a speedier recovery. Alaska National works closely with your injured worker, their healthcare team, and you to find the fastest way to reintroduce injured workers back to the job. Effective return to work programs help you retain your experienced workers, strengthen employee relations, improve productivity, heighten morale, and reduce costs.


Service Excellence

Program Review and Design

Our loss control team is available to work with you to ensure your return to work program is effective, manageable, and relevant to the goals of your business. If you don't have an existing program, we'll help you develop one. We recommend an annual review of your program to ensure it remains current.

Commitment to Your Program

We integrate your program into our claims process. Your dedicated Alaska National claims team works with you, your injured worker, and their healthcare providers to ensure everyone is in full support of your return to work objectives. This helps produce better outcomes by reducing the frequency and cost of disability claims. The integration of your return to work program into our claims process helps you retain experienced workers, improve productivity, and raise morale.