Fleet Safety Management

Targeted Solutions that Improve Performance

The best fleet safety programs are custom tailored for your business. Our fleet safety toolkit contains a robust range of solutions to cover all of your operating needs, from simple proven driver reporting services to leading edge telematics and video analytics systems.

Service Excellence

  • Proven solutions from industry fleet safety management and telematics leaders
  • Customizable for all business sizes and operations
  • Reduce accidents caused by distractions, fatigue, speeding, and following too closely thereby reducing collision frequency by as much as 50%
  • On demand video training from J. J. Keller teaches safety and best practices to drivers of all experience levels
  • DriverCheck is an easy-to-use safety hotline and learning management system to help you keep your drivers’ safety a number one priority
  • LifeSaver is a simple, cost-effective technology that prevents one of the most common distractions for drivers today
  • At the leading edge of technology, SmartDrive delivers video safety and performance data for your fleet
  • Designed to save lives and protect your business