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Targeted Solutions that
Improve Performance

The best fleet safety programs are custom tailored for your business. Developed in partnership with recognized leaders in vehicle and driver safety, our Fleet Safety Toolkit contains a wide range of solutions to real-world problems you and your drivers face each day. Alaska National helps you satisfy all of your fleet and driver safety needs, from tools that help you hire the safest drivers to leading-edge telematics and video alert systems.


Service Excellence

24/7 Spill Response

The moments after an accident are critical and can result in hazardous fuel and fluid spills. Alaska National has partnered with CURA Emergency Services to provide 24/7 nationwide spill response included at negotiated rates in your commercial auto policy. Learn More

Continuous MVR and Driver Infraction Monitoring 

This powerful service is available at no cost to our policyholders and provides constant monitoring of your drivers' records across all domestic jurisdictions. This tool automates your pull process to ensure you're current with the records of each of your registered drivers. Learn More

Distracted Driving Controls

Simple technology that changes the culture of distracted driving by automatically detecting and blocking smartphone use while driving. Your drivers will quickly adjust behavior without losing productivity. This solution does not require the purchase of third-party hardware and is available at preferred rates. Contact your Loss Control Consultant or Underwriter for more information.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

A solution set that combines the power of cameras, telematics, and human monitoring to provide instant alerts to 'unsafe driver behavior.' Policyholders have an online dashboard that provides managers with driver coaching models, reports, and driver performance scorecards. Learn More

FleetNet Towing

FleetNet is an integral part of our fleet safety toolkit and a partner you can trust to provide peace of mind if your auto becomes disabled. Available 24 hours a day. Learn More

HR Solutions

Safety begins with the employees you hire. Our partnership with a nationally recognized psychometric job applicant testing company provides your human resources team a powerful way to help select the best candidates for your company. This online service is fast and the results are immediate.

How Is My Driving Reporting Service

This simple-to-implement solution turns the public into part of your fleet safety team and helps you reinforce your commitment to safety. When someone reports your driver to this service, you receive key data about time, location, and nature of complaint, along with subject-related training modules that reinforce safe driver behavior. Learn More

Online Training

This simple-to-use online service is complimentary for our policyholders and provides 24/7 access to impactful training videos, tests, regulatory information, and fleet management best practices. Dedicated teams of fleet safety and compliance experts keep the material current and fresh. Learn More