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Cyber Suite

Cyber Coverage for Today's Businesses

Our Cyber Suite coverage protects your business from a full range of cyber threats and unauthorized intrusions into your computer systems. Cyber Suite is available as an endorsement to all General Liability policies and will help you respond to the financial burden and obligations after a cyber attack while helping you recover lost data and damages as a result of an attack.


Service Excellence

Data Compromise Response
  • Forensic IT and Legal Reviews
  • Notification and services
  • Public relations
  • Regulatory and PCI (payment card industry) fines and penalties
Computer Attack and Cyber Extortion
  • Data and system restoration and recreation
  • Loss of business income and extra expenses
  • Cyber extortion and public relations
Data Compromise Liability

Address any losses directly from personal data compromise or defense costs arising from a regulatory proceeding.

Network Security and Electronic Media Liability

For losses arising from a network security or electronic media incident.

Robust Coverage Limits

We provide more coverage than standard industry options.

24/7 Support

If your system has been hacked or you're a victim of a phishing attack, we provide 24/7 support to help you regain access to your systems and information. Learn More.