Vehicle Monitoring and Training

What if you could identify the unsafe drivers in your fleet before they had a collision?

DriverCheck is the founder of the vehicle-monitoring industry and remains its premier service provider. Now offering Online Driver Training, combined with a powerful and easy-to-use Learning Management System, as well as a Safety Hotline, DriverCheck helps you and your drivers keep safety as priority one.

A small sampling of Alaska National customers who use the DriverCheck program have had a 34% reduction in collisions. Reducing automobile collisions can have a significant impact on your workers’ compensation insurance. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of occupational deaths. Injuries related to motor vehicle accidents are significantly more costly than other work related injuries.

Online Training

A Risk Management Program at the click of a button: With DriverCheck, you have post-incident access to their comprehensive Online Driver Training program. Each course takes about 20 minutes and includes exams to help drivers demonstrate their knowledge. Modules include Distracted Driving, Tailgating, Right of Way, and Changing Lanes. The DriverCheck Learning Management System helps you assign training, send modules, and track driver progress and results.

No-Additional Cost

This value-added service is provided at no additional cost to all Alaska National automobile and workers’ compensation policy holders.

How DriverCheck Works


A unique number—in large, highly legible type on a three-color decal—identifies each vehicle as part of the DriverCheck program.


DriverCheck provides companies with immediate notification of Observation Reports—automatically, electronically, by e-mail and/or fax. Most callers provide their names and phone numbers, allowing managers to contact them directly, if desired.

DriverCheck records its calls, and copies of calls are available.


DriverCheck takes calls from motorists 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.