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The Best Path of Care

The Heart of Alaska National

Our customers experience the best path of care when accidents occur. This means injured workers receive the highest level of attention and support from the moment of injury all the way to their return to work. Treating injured workers with urgency and empathy produces the best outcomes for our policyholders and their injured workers.


Service Excellence

Compassionate Care

Industry-low caseloads are the foundation of close communication and coordination with each injured worker and their employer. This ensures workers are properly treated, physically recovered, and safely returned to work.

Dedicated Service Team

Loss control specialists, claims adjusters, and underwriters are assigned to each policyholder to provide ongoing concierge-level service.

24/7 Injury Helpline

Immediate telephone access to triage nurses who determine the best level of care, such as first aid or referral to designated clinics when necessary.

Custom Provider Networks

Control medical costs and achieve better recovery outcomes for injured workers through our custom network of medical providers in California, Idaho, and elsewhere as available.

Medical Cards

Issued immediately following Helpline calls that result in clinic visits, Medical Cards expedite care and ensure injured workers are able to cost-effectively fill their first prescription.

Face to Face Meetings

Claims adjusters regularly meet with policyholders and injured workers to ensure they receive the exceptional care and support they deserve.

Active Pharmacy and Pain Management

Utilization of medication is closely monitored by the claims service team to help injured workers obtain the care they need without being exposed to excessive or dangerous drugs.

Mobile App

Direct access for injured workers including prescription cards, indemnity payment information, and adjuster contact information to ensure they have pertinent information with them at all times.

Return to Work Programs

Return to Work utilizes work as therapy. When transitional duties are an extension of the medical treatment process, they accelerate recovery, decrease medical expenses, and support efforts to reduce litigation.