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Injured Worker | 24/7 Injury Helpline

24/7 Injury Helpline

The Right Care When You Need It

The moments just after a workplace incident are critical to build trust and reduce the severity of loss. The triage support available via our 24/7 Injury Helpline ensures prompt, appropriate care for your injured workers. When you call the Helpline, you and your injured worker will be immediately connected to a triage nurse for the right care when it matters the most.


Service Excellence

  • Available to all workers' compensation customers free of charge.
  • Immediate telephone triage guidance to assist both supervisors and injured workers.
  • Initial claim documentation, including First Report of Injury
  • Medical Cards provided to expedite care for all calls resulting in a provider visit.
  • Mobile app with access to the injured worker's prescription card, adjuster contact, and indemnity payment information.
  • Post-call email alerts so management knows when injuries are reported
  • Account level management reports to create benchmarks and assist with better care management.
  • Translators available in more than 200 dialects and languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.
  • All calls are recorded for quality assurance and fraud deterrence.