Injured Workers

Being injured at work is probably not something you expected to happen. Your first concern is getting the medical care you need to quickly recover and return to work. Your next may be lost wages or unpaid bills.

Fortunately, the workers’ compensation system was designed to help workers just like you.

Alaska National Insurance Company in cooperation with Medcor, has developed a Workplace Injury Hotline that you can call for immediate medical assistance. The Workplace Injury Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week with specially trained nurses who will assess the injury and provide you with treatment recommendations. Often these nurses are able to help you resolve many injuries with self-care, however, a nurse can also help identify injures that may be more serious than they first appear, and timely direct you to the care that you need.

In addition to medical care for your injury, you are eligible for disability benefits to help you financially while you are unable to work.

If your injury results in permanent impairment, permanent disability benefits may also be available to you. And, should you be unable to return to your regular job, vocational rehabilitation benefits may be able to assist your return to the labor market.

In the event an injury resulted in your death, your dependents may also be eligible for additional benefits beyond any you may have received.

Your Alaska National Claims Adjuster is ready, eager and willing to help you through this difficult time. Each of our Claims Adjusters are trained to know the benefits to which you are entitled, and has at their disposal the necessary means to be sure they are delivered promptly and without reservation.

So, if you are injured at work, your first call should be to the Workplace Injury Hotline at 1-800-553-8041 to speak with a nurse regarding your injury. Following your call to the Workplace Injury Hotline, if you have questions regarding your benefits, please call to speak with one of our Adjusters at the office nearest you.

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